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XIII-XV, 2014-2016 (publ. 2018)

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XVI, 2017 (publ. 2018)

The Apuan Alps in Acts

"Acta apuana" is the yearly scientific journal of the Park Authority. It draws from the daily technical and administrative experience of the Park for reflections and discussions of documentary and methodological value which are published in memoirs and written communications. The Park’s activities and initiatives are always preceded by studies and research which, in certain cases, are published in scientific reviews.
Moreover, the Review contains articles of experts who cooperate on the Park’s initiatives, have carried out research in the protected area or its surroundings or intend to do so. Clearly, research focuses on the territory which needs to be discovered in every single physical phenomenon and cultural element, from naturalistic and geographical features to archaeological, architectonic, urban characteristics, etc.  The scientific Review deals with a vast array of subjects but has always given priority to studies, research and considerations on geology because of its relevance for the Apuan Alps. Every miscellaneous issue contains articles on geology and geomorphology with a particular emphasis on the history of the geological research in the area.
Acta Apuana also comprises of two supplements based on the proceedings of the 2001 workshops on the subject of Geositi, tra valorizzazione e conservazione della natura (Geosites, between nature enhancement and preservation). The first volume is more general and is entitled Dalla conoscenza alla gestione dei beni geologici (From knowledge to the management of the geological heritage), whereas the second, entitled La geodiversitÓ delle Alpi Apuane (The Geodiversity of the Apuan Alps) is more focused on the territory and illustrates its typical features.
Finally, other two monographs of the scientific journal have been dedicated to archaeological and archaeometric studies on the excavation and use of Apuan metalimestones during the pre-Roman, Roman and medieval periods. The monographs gather scientific contributions presented on the occasion of two different meetings (2003 and 2005) entitled Ante et post Lunam: I, splendore e ricchezza dei marmi apuani (l’evo antico); II, reimpiego e ripresa estrattiva dei marmi apuani (l’evo medio) [Ante et post Lunam: I, splendour and richness of the Apuan marble (Classical Antiquity); II, Apuan marble reutilization and mining activities recovery (Middle Ages)] and finally (2011) Ante et post Lunam: III, archeologia dei marmi apuani (l'evo antico) [Archaeology of Apuan marbles (Classical Antiquity)]


Acta apuana  
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Issues published:

I,  2002 - 96 pp. + VIII color plates (publ. 2003)

II,  2003 - 104 pp. + VIII tcolor plates (publ. 2004)
(Conference Proceedings: "Ante e post Lunam. Splendore e ricchezza dei marmi apuani: I - l'evo antico")

III,  2004 - 72 pp. + VIII color plates (publ. 2005)

IV-V,  2005-2006 - 128 pp. + VIII color plates (publ. 2007)
(Conference Proceedings: "Ante e post Lunam. Reimpiego e ripresa estrattiva dei marmi apuani: II - l'evo medio")

IV Supplemento, 2005 - 64 pp. (publ. 2005)
Conference Proceedings: "Geositi tra valorizzazione e conservazione della natura. Dalla conoscenza alla gestione dei beni geologici")

V Supplemento, 2006 - 119 pp. (publ. 2010)
(Conference Proceedings: "Geositi tra valorizzazione e conservazione della natura. la geodiversitÓ delle Alpi Apuane")

VI, 2007 - 100 pp. + IV color plates (publ. 2009)

VII-VIII, 2008-2009 - 144 pp. (publ. 2011)
(Study Collection: "Ante et post Lunam. Archeologia dei marmi apuani: III - l'evo antico")

IX-X, 2010-2011 - 144 pp. (publ. 2013)

XI, 2012 - 88 pp. (publ. 2015)

XII, 2013 - 72 pp. (publ. 2015)

XIII-XV, 2014-2016 - 264 pp. (pubbl. 2018)
(Study Collection: "Nelle Terre del Marmo: I - Scultori e lapicidi da Nicola Pisano a Michelangelo"
"In the Lands of Marble - I - Sculptors and "lapidices" from Nicola Pisano to Michelangelo")


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